Standing Together

Ambac strongly condemns the racial injustice that Black Americans have experienced throughout the history of the United States.

We all have a part to play in eradicating institutional racism and systemic oppression in order to provide a level playing field for black communities and communities of color across America.

It is our collective responsibility to empathize while driving awareness that leads to actionable change.

At Ambac we value diversity and inclusion and are fully committed to lending not just our voice but also our time, energy and resources to organizations working to effect meaningful change.

Business Overview

Ambac Financial Group, Inc. is a financial services holding company. Ambac's subsidiaries include Ambac Assurance Corporation and Ambac Assurance UK Limited, financial guarantee insurance companies currently in runoff; Everspan Indemnity Insurance Company and Everspan Insurance Company, specialty property & casualty program insurers; and Xchange Benefits, LLC and Xchange Affinity Underwriting Agency, LLC, property & casualty Managing General Underwriters. Our corporate initiatives are governed by our corporate Mission, Vision and Values.


  • Optimize our business and its components to achieve maximum return for shareholders
  • Aggressively pursue financially sound strategies to reduce risk and decrease the size of the insured portfolio


  • Transition to a growth-oriented platform sufficiently capitalized to support businesses that are synergistic with Ambac’s core competencies


  • Culture of respect, inclusion, collaboration and transparency
  • Attract, retain, and reward top performers who meet standards of excellence, integrity, and collaboration

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